Upon receipt of the RFP we do an internal study of the project. We analyze the size, schedule, potential complexities, level of finishes, and the client as a company. 

​Our project team meets with the building's staff for formal introductions, to run through logistics and verify field conditions for the project. 

Our Services 


Full Glass Enclosures 


With over 25 years experience and real focus on customer satisfaction, you can rely on us for your next renovation, construction services and professional development.

We provide services including new construction build outs and renovations, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, data and power installations, full glass office enclosures, high end flooring and mill work finishes, new wall finishes, lighting and HVAC systems, and more! 


Through our team's expertise, we are constantly finding ways to build it quicker and more cost effectively while maintaining the highest quality in the industry.  On every project, we work to ensure that you have a fulfilling and positive experience. 

About Us


Area Builders looks at each project and client with a different approach depending on the complexity and challenges of the project. We pride ourselves in the fact that we remain extremely intimate to each project and constantly keep our client's goals and needs first. We collectively decide which team will have the best synergy with both the client and the project to effectively ensure the project is a complete success.